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1899 / 01 / B / L / O - Valdez Glacier, Valdez, AK
As reported to Captain W.R. Abercrombie, Second U.S. Infantry, during an exploration  mission to the
Valdez and Copper River Area: "...One big, rawboned Swede, in particular, described to me how this
demon had strangled his son on the glacier, his story being that he had just started from Twelve-Mile Plant
(a small collection of huts just across the Coast Range of Mountains from Valdez) with his son to go to the
coast in company with some other prospectors. When halfway up the summit of the glacier, his son, who
was ahead of him hauling a sled, while he was behind pushing, called to him, saying that the demon had
attacked him and had his arms around his neck. The father ran to the son's assistance, but as he described
it, his son being very strong, soon drove the demon away and they passed on their way up toward the
summit of Valdez Glacier. The weather was very cold and the wind blowing very hard, so that it made
traveling very difficult in passing over the ice between the huge crevasses through which it was necessary
to pick their way to gain the summit. While in the thickest of these crevasses, the demon again appeared.
He was said to be a small, heavy-built man and very active. He again sprang on the son's shoulders, this
time with such a grasp that, although the father did all he could to release him, the demon finally strangled
the son to death. The old man then put the son on a sled and brought him down to Twelve-Mile camp,
where the other prospectors helped bury him..."
Abercrombie, Capt. W.R. 1900.  "Copper River Exploring Expedition, 1898," in A Compilation of
Narratives and Explorations in Alaska, U.S. 56th Cong., 1st sess., S. Doc. 1023 (Washington: 1900), p. 16.
Kirtley, B.F. 1964.   Unknown Hominids and New World Legends in Western Folklore, Vol. XXIII April 1964,
No. 2.  Online: http://
www.bfro.net/REF/PRECOL/kirtley.html  (Accessed 02FEB2016).
Sasquatch Tracker, 2016

1900 / 01 / T - Nulato, AK
Tracks discovered, no other details.
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1900 / 02 / S – Petersburg, AK
Sighting near Thomas Bay from The Strangest Story Ever Told by Harry D. Colp.
IBS #385 and
Bigfoot Encounters

1900 / 03 / B – Prince of Wales Island, AK
Man allegedly kills and buries a Sasquatch.
IBS #892 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1900 / 04 / L – Unknown location
“Eskimos” kill and bury a “hairy man”.  Inconclusive.
IBS #1261

1900s / 01 / T – Peterson, AK
Tracks discovered between 1900 and 1925, no other details.
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1900s / 02 / S / B – Thomas Bay, AK
Loggers and fishermen see “hairy devils” digging clams and swimming.
IBS #926, 385

1900s / 03 / L – Valdez, AK
Investigation of bizarre deaths of prospectors attributed to the “Glacier Demon”.
IBS #2779

1900s / 04 / S / T - Nulato, AK
"Mrs. Notti" discovers track large human like  tracks where what she had thought was a bear swimming
across a slough.  (Bob Betts to John Green.)
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1905 / 01 / S – Kenai, AK
Sighting near Portlock Bay, Cook Inlet.  No other details.
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1905 / 02 / O – Portlock Bay, AK
Third hand information of cannery crew abandoning area and returning to Port Graham, AK due to
harassment by a “hairy man”.  (Believed to be related to 1905/01/S)
Alaska Sportsman Magazine, 1935 via Alaska Adventure Journal, online.  Accessed 26SEP2013

1909 / 01 / L – Malaspina Glacier, AK
Frank Howard’s “The Beast in the Glacier” sighting.
IBS #3547 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1918 / 01 / S – Wrangell, AK
Sighting, no other details.
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1918 / 02 / V / S - Wrangell, AK
A starving German prospector makes his way back to Wrangell from a northern mining camp in search of
food and provisions and tells of eating fireweed and then falling asleep and awakes later "by someone
talking nearby."  He is excited for the company so he crawls around a "high bramble" to locate the voice.  
He then describes seeing a "bushwoman sitting on the ground feeding a small one berries by hand; it was
sitting inside the circle of her legs."  Claims he heard the "bushwoman talk to the smaller one in Indian
language.  From Alice Petermann to grandson, 1947, stories by Elwood Petermann.  Full story:
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1920 / 0 1/ L – Nulato, AK
Albert Petka allegedly is killed after fighting with Sasquatch.
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1921 / 01 / V – Claude Point, AK
Man reports hearing three human like calls.  No one else present.
IBS #3548 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)  

1920s / 01 / B / T – Chinatown, Annette Island, AK
Report of rocks thrown at cabin by “just some old monkey”.  Large tracks discovered following day.
IBS #3549 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1930s / 01 / O – Nelchina, AK
Native man allegedly kills Sasquatch, no other details.
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1930s / 02 / B – Unuk River, AK
Report of four inch limbs being twisted off in various locales.
IBS #3552 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1930s / 03 / S/ B - Nunivak Island, AK
Three winter hunters stop for night in abandoned sod house.  Their dog teams begin barking as
something tries to enter the house.  Later they see silvery-colored   creature walking upright and away.
Delta Discovery 19JUN2013

1930s / 04 / O/ B - Nelchina Plateau, Tyone Lake, AK
Month of September (?) Hairy giant know as "Gilyuk" aka. "the cannibal spirit" killed one of the Indians.  
Attributing sign was a sapling twisted to shreds. Selected passages: "...He had come into this area two
days ago, he said, with some of his people to kill and cache caribou for winter use. But they discovered
that Gilyuk, the shaggy giant, was hanging around. They had found sign yesterday. And of course
everybody knew that Gilyuk wasn’t interested in caribou. Gilyuk ate men..."  "...I wish to make clear that to
the Denna people Gilyuk was no legendary creature their grandfathers had told them about. He was
reality, and they spoke of him as they spoke of the bears and wolves. They saw his sign, and they saw him.
He was a shaggy giant who wore a little hat and ate men..."  "...An old man told us that they were returning
to their town on Tyone Lake. Stickman was dead, he said. Gilyuk had taken him. The chief had got up in the
night and gone down to the lake, perhaps for water, but nobody knew. A squaw with a birch-bark torch
found his red flannel underwear on the gravel beach.  It had been torn off him. There may have been
tracks, but the entire hunting party had swarmed over the beach, and by daylight no tracker on earth
could have made sense of the jumble..."    
Annabel, R.  1963.  Long Hunter – Alaskan Style.
Sports Afield.  #150 (July 1963)  http://williamjevning.
com/long-hunter-alaskan-style-alaska-and-a-history-of-bigfoot/  Online. (Accessed 25JAN2016).
Also found at
Bigfoot Encounters.
Sasquatch Tracker, 2015

1933 / 01 / S / O / V – Lake Iliamna, AK
Second hand report of friend having encounter as a child.  Child has sighting while playing with doll in
cabin, smells offensive odor, then hears
whistle from outside of cabin.
OregonBigfoot.com #500

Mid 1930s / 02 / S - Togiak, AK
John Gumickpuk, a Yup'ik elder, encounters Sasquatch outside at sunrise.  Described as "...a man covered
with long hair."  "He was as big as us, but hairy all over... the only place he didn't have hair was on his

1935 / 01 / O - Bristol Bay Area, AK
From the The Modesto Bee.  Sunday, January 20, 1935:
Wild Man Is Said To Rule Unexplored Empire (Anchorage, Alaska, Jan. 19, 1935)
Out of the isolated district north of Bristol Bay comes a tale of the Wild Man of the Nushagak – a nebulous
terror jealously guarding an empire which even on the larger maps, is an unexplored white patch with
dotted lines for streams.

Charles J. Dumbolton, sourdough prospector of many years in Yukon and Klondike valley camps, told the
story today after arriving by plane from a season of prospecting 125 miles from the nearest settlement.

The wild man is believed in so firmly, by the few men in the area, that they have drawn a voluntary
boundary to their northern trips.  And, while he made no effort to investigate the wild man’s authenticity,
Dumbolton said he found trappers feared to venture beyond their own established frontier, the King
Salmon River.

He said the wild man, perhaps some creature crazed by loneliness, has been reported seen several times,
and is blamed for the disappearance of several men who have ventured into the region of the Upper
Nushagak and its tributaries the past several seasons.

The wild man’s empire is a vast region between the south flowing Upper Nushagak and the westward
flowing middle course of the Kushkokwim.
In the early days of the Klondike gold rush, sourdoughs remember, Dumbolton drove in herds of cattle
over the Dalton Trail, from Haines to Selkirk, slaughtering them at Selkirk and rafting the beef down to

Later he turned to mining, taking out hundreds of thousands of dollars in gold. He’s still pursuing that will-
o-the-wisp of prospectors-luck and the luring nuggets.

1940s / 01 / B – Cape Chacon, AK
Report of log being thrown from bushes at family.
IBS #3557 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1940 / 01 / S / O – Bristol Bay, AK
Emily Supanich's mother was berry picking with others when "they came upon a large hairy creature that
resembled a man covered with long black hair."  Village men allegedly capture the creature and hold it in a
cage near Kaluka.  Creature Is fed raw fish and hair began to fall out and "it turned out to be a female with
breasts" ...and later dies. (Recorded in written letter to Roger Patterson by Emily Supanich, San Bruno, CA
(from John Green's files)
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1942 / 01 / S – Wrangell Narrows, AK
Sighting on beach, no other details.
Bigfoot Encounters

1942 / 02 / S - Wrangell Narrows, AK
Bob Titmus sees ape like ting on beach while passing in a boat.  Late evening "before ten o'clock while it
was still light outside."   Described as about 7 feet tall, very heavy, erect and had dark hair.  Believed to be
same encounter as 1940/01/S (John Green's file)
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1943 / 01 / O – Ruby, AK
John Mire, know as "the Dutchman" is alleged attacked and later dies of internal injuries near DeWilde’s
Camp.  The creature was allegedly run off by dogs.  (Credit Bob Betts in John Green's files.)
Bigfoot Encounters

1947 / 01 / S – Klawock, AK
Sighting at Hecata Island, no other details.
IBS #1047 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1948 / 01 / V – Smeaton Bay, AK
Man camping hears two creatures chattering behind tent.
IBS #3562

1948 / 02 / V – California Head, AK
Second hand report of hunter hearing noises that were not a bear.
IBS #3563 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1948 / 03 / O – Bartholomew Creek, Smeaton Bay, AK
Report of two men finding a “jawbone larger than a man’s”.
IBS #3564 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1948 / 04 / O - Mountain View, AK
Quite possibly the oldest film of a Sasquatch on North American continent shot on 8mm
Perez, D. 2014.  Bigfoot Times.  May 2014 Issue.

1949 / 01 / T/ B – Kenia, AK
Tracks discovered, signs of struggle, hunters found mutilated at Portlock Bay.
Bigfoot Encounters

1949  / 02 / B - Portlock, AK
Giant 18 inch manlike tracks found closing in on moose tracks, signs of struggle, then only the manlike
tracks heading for higher mountains. (Believed to be related to 1949/01/TB.)
Bigfoot Encounters
1800 - 1949 (As compiled by M.C. Thompson)