Third hand report of hunter describing tall, black hairy manlike creature chasing mountain goats
down towards hunters at tree line.
IBS #3387 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1960s / 03 / S – Jade Mountain, AK
Jade miner kills a Sasquatch at his mine thinking it was a bear.  Later discovers it was not a bear, fears
punishment and proceeds to cut up body and throws pieces into a nearby stream.
Delta Discovery 26JUN2013

1960s(?) / 05 / L - Bethel, AK (Area)
Legend of runaway boy named Gabriel Fox who transforms into Sasquatch to survive and later
abduction by military or US Government.
Delta Discovery, 30JAN2013

Additional Information: "Here in the Bethel area, many people's introduction to Hairy Man was through
the creature we came to know of as "Gabriel Fox" in the 1960s. It's the story of a young boy who ran
away from the Children's Home near Kwethluk and survived in the wilderness by turning into a Hairy
Man. But big questions remain: How could a boy turn into a hairy creature that lived in the extreme
wild? Was it really Gabriel Fox, and not a young Bigfoot that was starving and raiding fishcamps for
food when it was caught? Why did the military and/or the US government say nothing about him after
they took him away? And most importantly, why didn't they return him home? ..."  
Online (Accessed 04 JAN 2018)

1960 / 01 / S – Ketchikan, AK
Sighting from boat, no other details.
Bigfoot Encounters (J. Green)

1960 / 02 / S – Ruby, AK
Sighting  by Paul Peters 10 miles down Yukon River from Ruby.  Claims to have seen a "bushman"
climb a steep hill near the river and disappear into the bush.  Described as walking upright like a
man, quite tall and broad, covered with dark hair.  (Credit Bob Betts to John Green.)
Bigfoot Encounters

1960 / 03 / S – Metlakatla, AK
Fishermen see tall Sasquatch standing in water near dock then see it swim underwater.
IBS #3574 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1960 / 04 / S / B - Ketchikan, AK
15 year old boy sent out to haul in the skiff up on fishing boat at night leves a flashlight pointing
towards the shore.  Boy glances up and sees human-like figure standing in the water waist deep
between the float and the shore.  Further described it as "not exactly a person" but arms and head
like a man.  Grayish white all over with "big round beady eyes."  Boy screamsabout thirty men (from
boat?) rush out and shine lights on the creature.  Claim to have then seen "...it dive under water and
swim away under the water like a frog." Reported by Mrs. Nye of Renton, WA to Nick Carter
sometime during 1975.  (from John Green's files.)
Bigfoot Encounters

1964 / 01 / S – Fairbanks, AK
Sighting 35 miles south of Fairbanks on Richardson Highway.

1966 / 01 / S – Hyder, AK
Sighting on Mountain Road north of Hyder.  Hunters shoot bear and a Sasquatch flees up
IBS #386 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1966 / 02 / O – Kobuck River, AK
Jean Joiner of Nome allegedly kills a Sasquatch on Jade Mountain.   "...Faced the creature and shot an
upright walking bear in the back."  Joiner later finds the creature to be so human like that he then
destroys body out of fear by cutting it up and throwing it into a stream.  (Believed to be related to
Bigfoot Encounters

1966 / 03 / S – Jade Mountain, AK
Hunter comes face to face with Sasquatch near mine.  No other details
Alaska Dispatch, 25SEPT2012

1966 / 04 / S / B – Ward Lake, AK
Three women see Sasquatch near tent.  They relocate to a picnic shelter and are followed.  Later an
axe is stolen.
IBS #3577 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1966 / 05 / B / O – Ward Lake, AK
Six people in car have the car lifted by the rear bumper and shaken.
IBS #3578 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

Around 1967 / 06 / S - Ostuffna River, near Lake Louise, AK
Trapper saw something chasing sheep thinks it is a "real lanky wolf".  The next day he sees "3 or 4
ape-like animals milling around the area like they were gathering something."  Reports to "some old
indians in Tyone" and they tell him they are called "Nackhanny".  Indians said "they are usually seen
up Tsisi Creek behind Watna Mountain."

1967 or 1968 / 01 / S – Tombstone Bay, Portland Canal, AK
Two men report observing dark Sasquatch digging with stick on beach.
IBS #3580 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1968 / 01 / S – Galena, AK
Sighting along Yukon River from boat by Hazel Strasburg of Galena.  Described as "...big hair
covered man."
Rfthomas.clara.net and Bigfoot Encounters

1968 / 02 / S – Hyder, AK
Sighting north of Hyder, no other details.

1968 / 03 / O – Kenai, AK
Hunter frightened in gully, no other details.
Bigfoot Encounters

1968 / 04 / O – Portlock, AK
Third hand information of hunter being frightened in gully. (Believed to be related to 1968 / 03 / O)
Alaska Adventure Journal, online.  Accessed 26SEP2013

1968 / 05 / S - Juneau-Herbert River, AK
A father and teen son had been fishing together along the Herbert River Trail, working their way
towards the trail head.  The 14 year old teen approaches the trail through some brush and turns to
look where he had come from and sees someone walking across the river bar.  He believed it was his
father and waited.  20 minutes later, the father arrives and the son asked if he had been on the bar.  
The father replied "no" and that he had been walking along the river bank close to alders.  The father
said it must have been a bear that the teen had seen.  Teen explained he had seen something that
walked bipedal with arms swinging.  When they eventually reached the trail head, there were no
other vehicles ruling out the possibility of the subject being a person.  
D. Shepherd, Sasquatch Tracker Associate, via personal email on November 15, 2015  

1969 / 01 / L – Fort Yukon, AK
Man is attacked and then allegedly kills Sasquatch.
Bigfoot Encounters

1969 / 02 / S – Galena, AK
Sighting on Yukon River between Galena and Ruby.
Bigfoot Encounters

1969 / 03 / S – Galena, AK
Sighting at Bear Creek drainage by Dick Carol and son.  Reportedly saw the "bushman" while
constructing a fire line near Bear Creek Drainage near Galena.  (Credit Bob Betts to John Green.).
Bigfoot Encounters

1969 / 04 / T – Juneau, AK
Tracks discovered at Whitewater Bay, no other details.
Bigfoot Encounters

1969 / 05 / S – Wrangell, AK
Sighting along Bradfield Canal.
Bigfoot Encounters

1969 / 06 / S – Bradfield Canal, AK
Two men report a Sasquatch observing them.
IBS #3581 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1969 / 07 / S - Bradford Canal, AK
J.W. Huff of Ward Cove id flown to a prospecting camp about the 2300 foot level(elevation?) in the
late afternoon during which time he saw a man on a ridge 500 yards away who seemed extremely
large and very dark in color, wearing no clothes.  (Credit Bob Betts to John Green)
Bigfoot Encounters

1969 / 08 / S - Galena, AK
Wein Airlines agent in Galena reported to Bob Betts "...they saw  the hair covered man again near the
bank of the Yukon between Galena and Ruby.
Bigfoot Encounters

1969 / 09 / S / B - Fort Yukon
Jim Ward is alleged to have shot at a large hair covered man while moose hunting.  Believed to be
related to 1969/01/L.  (Credit Bob Betts to John Green.)
Bigfoot Encounters
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1960 - 1969 (As compiled by M.C. Thompson)