1970/01/V- Chugiak, AK
Sounds heard near railroad tracks by Birchwood Loop.

1970/02/ST – Chugiak, AK
Tracks found near Birchwood Loop during day and sighting at night.

1970/03/S – Chugiak, AK
Sighting on four wheel drive trail near Birchwood Loop.

1970/04/S – Delta Junction, AK
Sighting by US Army training unit at Black Rapids Glacier.
BFRO #1258 and IBS #719

1970/05/B – Galena, AK
Allegedly raided smokehouse full of salmon.
IBS #388

1970/06/S – Huslia, AK
Sighting, no other details given.
Bigfoot Encounters

1970/07/S – Huslia, AK
Sighting southeast of Selawik, northeast of Nome.
IBS #387

1970/08/S – Prince of Wales Island, AK
Sighting at Tombstone Bay, no other details.
IBS #1083 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1970/09/V – Stikine River, AK
Group hears screams that were not cougar.
IBS #3582 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1970/10/L – Huslia, AK
Anthropologist / Firefighter reports talking to natives about recent sightings of Sasquatch said to
appear in mid-September right before
IBS #387

1970/11/B – Galena (Nakentlia) AK
Report of Sasquatch raiding smokehouse of dried salmon in village.
IBS #388

1970/12/S - Husila, AK
Letter from Bob Betts to John Green: "...villagers near Husila had recently seen the bushman again;
larger than a man, covered with hair and very strong."   Believed to be related to 1970/06/S.   (John
Green's files)
Bigfoot Encounters

1970s/01/B/T – King Salmon, AK
Cessna Supercubs damaged, tracks discovered.  No other details.
Alaska Dispatch, 25SEPT2012

1970s/02/SB – Tombstone Bay, AK
Report of black fur covered manlike creature observed through binoculars sitting on beach digging
with stick, occasionally putting one hand in mouth.
IBS #1083 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1970s/03/S – Metlakatla, AK
Hunter reports seeing upright fur covered manlike creature running across road “faster than a deer”.
IBS #3599 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1970s/04/SB – Tombstone Bay, AK
Black Sasquatch observed digging in beach sand with stick. (Confirmed to be same report as
IBS #3849 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1970s/05/S – Black Rapids Glacier, AK
Army members witness tall dark figure walking upright crossing snow at base of mountain.
IBS #3143
(also BFRO?)

1970s/06/S – Yakutat, AK
Report of berry pickers shooting 7 foot Sasquatch.  Sasquatch returns in following years.
IBS #3597 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1972/01/B – Ketchikan, AK
Report of eight foot diameter nest near logging road.
IBS #3583 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1973/01/SV – Juneau, AK
Sighting and vocalizations at sawmill near Juneau. (Sitka?)
IBS #1556

1973/02/S – Kenia, AK
Vocalizations heard near Dogfish Bay Lagoon, no other details.
Bigfoot Encounters

1973/03/SB – Juneau, AK
Winter care-takers hear noise, have sighting and describe Sasquatch moving 55 gallon drums around.
IBS #1556

1973/04/O – Dogfish bay Lagoon, AK
Second hand information of three hunters who take refuge from weather and hear footsteps outside
of tent on two consecutive nights.
Alaska Adventure Journal, online. Accessed 26SEP2013

1974/01/STV – Kenia, AK
Sighting, tracks and vocalizations involving lost snowmobilers.
IBS #1798

1974/02/T – Haines, AK
Men discover 18 inch man like tracks, reddish hair, copious amounts of blood and wolf tracks.
IBS #3587 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1974/03/S – Spacious Bay, AK
Tugboat crewman spots a Sasquatch on beach.
IBS #3586 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1975/01/S – Unknown location
Sighting while berry picking on tundra.
IBS #1244

1975/02/S – Cholmondeley Sound, AK
Parent and daughter observe reddish creature with legs moving bent over on beach, viewed from
IBS #3590 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1977/01/T – Kenai Peninsula, AK
Tracks discovered in steep ravine during mid-winter.
IBS #2780

1977/02/V – Granite Basin, AK
Man hears a series of loud calls and chuckling noises.
IBS #3591 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1978/01/T – Newhalen, AK
Tracks discovered, no other details.
IBS #389-390, Rfthomas.clara.net

1978/02/SO – Anchorage, AK
Witness spots Sasquatch near FAA Station and fires .357 magnum, drawing blood.
IBS #2777

1978/03/SB – Saxman, AK
Boy reports sighting of Sasquatch drinking water from cupped hand at nearby creek.
IBS #3592 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1978/04/TB – Iliamna and Newhalen, AK
Woman reports laundry torn off line by 8 foot tall Sasquatch.  100 tracks 24 inches long discovered.
IBS #389, 390

1978 or 1979/01/V – Ketchikan, AK
Group hears loud, long scream, described as sounding like elephant trumpeting only louder at last
Chance Campground.
IBS #3593 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1979/01/S – Hidden Inlet, AK
Man reports to friends that he saw 7 foot, black, man shaped creature observing him from shore.  He
aims rifle at it and it walks away on two legs.
IBS #3596 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1979/02/ST - Etolin Island, Wrangell, AK
Deer hunter finds tracks, has face to face encounter.  Originally reported by Nell Waage in the
Kodiak Daily Mirror (Kodiak, AK) and the Tundra Drums (Bethel, AK) in 1993.
Hairyman tells hunter to "leave us alone".  Bigfootencounters.com
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