something one would expect of a wolf”.  Resets some of the traps again and returns the third time to
1980s / 01 / S – Kenai, AK
Sighting on Skilak Lake Road off main highway.
BFRO #1259, IBS #797

1980s / 02 / T – Ketchikan, AK
Tracks discovered in Whipple Creek area
IBS #1263 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1980s / 03 / S – Prince of Wales Island, AK
Sighting near Thorne Bay, no other details.
IBS #1264 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1980s / 04 / S – Petersville, AK
Young musher has sighting near Forks Roadhouse.
Delta Discovery, 15MAY2013

1980s / 05 / T – Ketchikan, AK
Second hand report of National Guard member finding 15 inch track up Whipple Creek.
IBS #1263 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1980 / 01 / T – Thom’s Creek, AK
Two pilots observe long chain of bipedal tracks in snow on mountain.
IBS #3602 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1980 / 02 / S/ O – Thorne Bay, AK
Woman reports having 7 foot dark colored Sasquatch run alongside vehicle while driving 35 MPH for
10 seconds.  Woman is horrified and describes smell as offensive and rolls up window.
IBS #1264 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1980 / 03 / S / T – Hessa Inlet, AK
Man reports two tall black creatures digging on beach, tracks found by men.
IBS #3600 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1981 / 01 / S – Metlakatla, AK
Report of Sasquatch observing man on boat.
IBS #3604 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1981 / 02 / S – Mink Bay, AK
Second hand report of mother watching a large, black, hairy manlike creature on shore, 50 feet from
fishing boat.
IBS #3603 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1981 ( ? ) / 03 / B - Wrangell Area, AK
Dana Jacallen begins building a cedar shake shed to store gear, when his dog, Henry begins to act
strangely and retreats to Jacallen’s skiff.  Jacallen realizes something is not right and makes 100 foot
circle with rifle around the area. Realizing he was not alone, he leaves.  He returns later and finds the
tree he had been splitting for shakes has been carried to bank and thrown into the cove.  Originally
reported by Nell Waage in the Kodiak Daily Mirror (Kodiak, AK) and the Tundra Drums (Bethel, AK)
in 1993.
Hairyman tells hunter to "leave us alone".  Bigfootencounters.com

1982 / 01 / S – Dillingham, AK
Sighting near Wood – Ticchik Narrows Lakes region.  Alleged photo taken.  
IBS #517, 2860

1982 / 02 / S – Ketchikan Lakes, AK
Man reports observing 10 foot tall dark colored Sasquatch resting/sleeping in cave.
IBS #3605 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1982 or 1983 / 01 / S - Montana Creek Road, Juneau, AK
Witness claims he and 3-4 other friends were in his early 70's Trans Am. Driving down a dirt road
called Montana Creek Road, around 11 o'clock at night. It was a typical rainy evening and they were
driving to a recreational cabin called "Skater's Cabin." The witness says out of the woods walked a
giant, hairy upright walking apeman. An oncoming car was approaching when it walked out in front of
him and continued across the road and into the woods. Witness says the Sasquatch crossed with both
cars on-coming. Both cars slowed down, but neither stopped. Once passing each other, neither
acknowledged the other driver. When asked to describe it he says it was very tall, easily 8 feet, and
covered in dark hair. But since it was nighttime, and it quickly walked into the woods, he couldn't give
much detail.
Alaska Bigfoot Tales

1985 / 01 / S – Yakobi Island, AK
Sighting near Soapstone Bay, inconclusive.
IBS #1265 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1985 / 02 / T – Flicker Creek, Prince of Wales Island, AK
Three men report finding 15 inch tracks in snow at end of logging road.
IBS #3612 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1985 / 03 / S – Soapstone Bay, AK
Fishing crew reports large brown bear becomes alarmed and runs off, followed by a 9 foot black
Sasquatch appearing on beach.
IBS #3611 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1985 / 04 / S - Midway Lake, AK
FAA Manager sees large, dark bipedal creature cross AK Highway during 4th of July weekend
between Northway Junction & Tok.
Sasquatch Tracker

1985 / 05 / S - Between Kululak Bay and Dillingham, near Manokotak on commercial flight.
Ted Angasan "noticed an unusual form below: "There was this giant thing sitting in the trees.  He
looked like, not quite a gorilla, but dark and full of hair.  I'd say, from the trees around him, he was
between seven and 10 feet tall."

1986 / 01 / S – Cantwell, AK
Sighting by hunter during caribou hunting.
Bigfoot Encounters

1986-1987 / 01 / O / B – Ward Lake, AK
Second hand report of damage to neighbor’s car caused by big creature walking on two legs.
IBS #3621 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1986/03/V – Smeaton Bay, AK
Hunter reports loud scream, not a cougar.
IBS #3616 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1986 / 04 / V – Unuk River, AK
Three men report three loud calls “like a monkey whoop”.
IBS #3614 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1987 / 01 / S – Nakchuk, AK
Sighting, no other details, not located on map.
Sasquatch information Society #5

1987 / 02 / S – Labouchere Bay, AK
Man reports seeing five foot black creature running along top of clearcut.
IBS #3620 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1987 / 03 / B – Klawock, AK
Logging engineer reports finding 8 foot diameter nest of woven cedar with long hair in it.
IBS #3624 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1988 / 01 / T / V – Barrow, AK
Special Forces Unit on training mission discovers tracks and hears vocalization.
BFRO #6486

1988 / 02 / B – Affleck Channel, AK
Men report heavy running footsteps that rocked boat at night, ssasquatch then dives into water.
IBS #3622 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1989 / 01 / B – Ketchikan, AK
Hunters report theft of deer carcass within minutes of killing deer with rifle.
IBS #3626 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)
Alaska's  Boreal Sasquatch & Marked Hominid  Authority since 2005.
1980 - 1989 (As compiled by M.C. Thompson)