1990s / 01 / S - Prince William Sound, AK
Sighting on east side of Prince William Sound.
BFRO #1261

1990s / 02 / S – Bethel, AK
Sisters traveling by snow machine have sighting.
Delta Discovery, 17APR2013

1990 / 01 / S / B – Clarence Strait, AK
Report of man on fishing vessel observing swimming Sasquatch.  Crewmen aboard vessel also relate
seeing this behavior two other times.
IBS #3019 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1990 / 02 / S / T – McWilliam’s – Gold Creek Trail, AK
Hunters discover large tracks on the trail and observe unidentified upright creature the following day
while looking for moose and bear.
Sasquatch Tracker

1991 / 01 / B- Ketchikan, AK
Second report of friend being “knocked out” by a rock thrown at him on Connell Road.
IBS #3629 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1991 / 02 / O / L – Prince of Wales Island, AK
J. Robert Alley (Sasquatch Tracker Associate) hears of trees being rammed into ground vertically.  
Local lore tells of “those big black hairy gorillas” do it to mark territory.
IBS #1029, 3509 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1992 / 01 / S – Denali Park, AK
Sighting along Parks Highway near hotels and raft rental area.
BFRO #1260

1992 / 02 / S - Dillingham, AK
Passengers on Mark Air Express flight see a Sasquatch walking into a ravine.
IBS #2782

1992/03/T – Manokotak Village, AK
Tracks discovered in snow.  State biologist confirms tracks are consistent with “fairly common stories”
of Sasquatch.
IBS #2783

1992 / 04 / S – Ketchikan, AK
Report of seven foot Sasquatch with white eye shine.
IBS #3631(Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1992 / 05 / S – Crab Bay, AK
Father and son fishermen report seeing beige man-sized Sasquatch on beach.
IBS #3633 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1992 / 06 / S – Ernest Sound, AK
Man reports watching pregnant female through rifle scope.
IBS #3634 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1993 / 01 / S – Klawock Lake, AK
Husband and wife report sighting of Sasquatch crossing road.
IBS #3636 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1993-1994 / 02 / B / T – Klawock Lake, AK
7.5 foot nest found with handprint, scat and hair.
IBS #3366 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1993 / 03 / V – Old Frank’s Divide, Prince of Wales Island, AK
Forestry professional reports loud calls, “somewhat like a monkey”.
IBS #3637 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1994 / 01 / S – Haines, AK
Sighting at Beach Road area.
Bigfoot Encounters

1994 / 02 / B – Prince of Wales Island, AK
Alleged nest found on east side of Klawok Lake.
IBS #911 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1994 / 03 / V / O – Hydaburg, AK
Man reports hearing four loud whistles and wooden rapping noise.
IBS #3640 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1994-1997 / 04 / T – Yes Bay, AK
Family finds large tracks up old roads.
IBS #3641 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1994-1997 / 04 / S - Johns Park, Anchorage, AK
Group of friends have late night / early morning encounter near small creek in the park.
Sasquatch Tracker

1994(?) / 05 / S / B – Unknown, interior AK  (Edited for Content by Sasquatch Tracker)
Two 14 year old boys using boat for gathering wood have encounter.  Terrified, one boy leaves and
axe at the scene.  Both boys flee in boat and have “2-3” foot log thrown over the bank (at them?) and
return to their camp.  In camp, the boys consult with their family and an elder tells them “not to say
anything about it.”  Elder burns food as offering and prays in Koyukon Athabascan for protection.  
The following day, the boy who left the axe at the scene notices his axe is now “…leaning against the
side of the cabin.”  Boy is “freaked” out “… just knowing that the thing had went into their camp.” (In
order to return the axe)  At the same time, seeing the axe confirms what had happened the previous
day.  Boy returns several times to the camp, other boy never returns.  The boy describes it as ”big,
tall and hairy.”   “Athabascan Woman” at http://ayatlin.wordpress.com in

1995 / 01 / S – Hydaburg, AK
Sighting on Saltery Road between sort yard and dump.
BFRO #2917

1995 / 02 / S / T – Port Simpson, AK
Tracks found and sighting on hunting trail.
Sasquatch Information Society #246

1995 / 03 / S / T – Prince of Wales Island, AK
Tracks found and sighting north of Meyers Chuck.
IBS #1004 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1995 / 04 / S – Klawock, AK
Second hand report of boyfriend and girlfriend sighting dark brown Sasquatch.
IBS #3642 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1995 / 05 / S / T / B – Cleveland Peninsula, AK
Man observes pregnant Sasquatch from boat with rifle scope.
IBS #1004 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1996 / 01 / V / B – Bostwick Inlet, AK
Nephew and uncle report vocalization by creek and return to find camp vandalized.
IBS #3645 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1996 / 02 / T – Noatak River, AK
Two caribou hunters discover track in mud near river.  One of the hunters returns later to the site and
finds other set of tracks.
IBS #2755

1996 / 03 / S - Alaska Highway near Tok, AK
Woman driving between Tok and Delta, closer to Tok, sees "...very hairy, large person cross road..."
No other details.

1997 / 01 / V – Fairbanks, AK
Sounds heard on Jones Road in Goldstream Valley
BFRO #1995

1997 / 02 / S / B – Juneau, AK
Man reports a friend of his encounters five Sasquatch while hiking near Echo Ranch Bible Camp.  
Stones are thrown by the Sasquatch in an “attempt to scare him away”.  
IBS #777

1997 / 03 / S – Selawik, AK
Second hand report of group of people having sightings at dump.  Report of “sing-song” like voices.  
Prior to sighting, local hunter has moose
ribs stolen when other parts of moose with more meat were available, not attributed to bear activity.
IBS #3220, 786

1997 / 04 / V – Tombstone Bay, AK
Man hears loud non-human scream from forest.
IBS #3648 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1997 / 05 / S – Baranof Island, AK
Fishermen see 8-9 foot, dark brown Sasquatch.
IBS #3647 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1998 / 01 / S – Fairbanks, AK
Sighting at Trainor Gate Road, Birch Hill, Fort Wainwright.
BFRO #1257, IBS #3140

1998 / 02 / S – Bethel, AK
Sighting along Mulchatna River, 45 air miles from Lake Iliamna.
BFRO #1255 and IBS #1065

1998 / 03 / S / B – Juneau, AK
Sighting and rocks thrown at Echo Bible Camp near Juneau.
IBS #777

1998 / 04 / S – Ketchikan, AK
Sighting south of Whipple Creek Bridge.
IBS #1262 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1998 / 05 / S – Ketchikan, AK
Sighting 12 miles north of town.
Bigfoot Encounters (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1998 / 06 / S – Ketchikan, AK
Sighting at Settler’s Cove near Whipple Creek.
IBS #976 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1998 / 07 / S – Selawik, AK
Sighting at Selawik City Dump.
IBS #786

1998 / 08 / S – Mulchatna River Drainage, AK
Hunters have sighting while looking for caribou.
BFRO #1255, IBS#1065

1998 / 09 / S – Sterling, AK
Sighting on dirt road near Skilak Lake.
IBS #797

1998 / 10 / T – Ketchikan, AK
15 inch track discovered in muskeg.
IBS #3654 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1998 / 11 / V – Betton Island, AK
Friends report two loud screams coming from forest at night.
IBS #3655 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1998 / 12 / O – Upper Wolf Lake, AK
Hunters report while searching for wounded bear (shot) previous night, they find bear carcass
stuffed into muskeg hole and covered with sphagnum moss.
Moss was placed in such a way that it required the use of hands.
IBS #3657 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1998 / 12 / S / O – Ketchikan, AK
Bike rider near Whipple Creek has sighting and reports offensive smell.
IBS #976, 3653, 3445 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1998 / 14 / S – Ketchikan, AK
Sasquatch Tracker Associate J. Robert Alley and stepson witness road crossing south of Whipple
Creek Bridge.
IBS #1262, 4054 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1998 / 15 / S – Ketchikan, AK
Family observes seven Sasquatch walk, then run across highway near Whipple Creek.
IBS #3652 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1998 / 16 / B – Thome Arm, AK
Lid ripped from dynamite freezer with no claw scratches or pry marks, nothing taken.
IBS #3656 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1998 / 17 / V / B – Ketchikan, AK
Second hand report of friends hearing loud rapping, trees breaking and rhythmic “booming” above
the end of brown Mountain Road.
IBS #3664 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1998 / 18 / V – Rudyerd Bay, AK
Report of loud series of yells in Behm Canal.
IBS #3658 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1998 / 19 / T – Wrangell, AK
Report of “size 10” barefoot tracks in sand.
IBS #3659 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1999 / 01 / S – Cold Bay, AK
Alleged sighting by fisherman.
Bigfoot Encounters

1999 / 02 / B – Koyukuk River, AK
Stones thrown at cabin on 2 occasions, South Fork, 200 miles from Fairbanks.
IBS #1216

1999 / 03 / T – Kwethluck, AK
Tracks discovered near Kiseralik River.  Local village people were unable to determine what made the
tracks, but they were large and at least six feet apart.  Relative of a witness states: "my husband, his
father and two friends were on the Kisaralik River above Kwethluk, AK.  They observed and
photographed a pair of large wedge-shaped footprints deep in the mud at the water's edge."  "The
prints are an estimated 12 to 14 inches long and were about three inches deep.  No claws were
evident at the tips of the toes.  The prints appeared to be consecutive and were estimated at about 6
feet apart."  "... local trappers here in Kisaralik that have looked at the footprint photos say it's the
Hairy Man, but the tracks are difficult to distinguish in the photos and they look bigger than 14
BFE and

1999 / 04 / S – Petersburg, AK
Sighting at Thomas Bay, no other details.
IBS #926 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1999 / 05 / S – Saxman, AK
Group reports seeing Sasquatch run across service road near parked car.
IBS #3667 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1999 / 06 / S – Ketchikan, AK
Anonymous witness states seeing six foot light brown Sasquatch pulling at salmonberry branches in
ditch at 5:00 AM
IBS #3668 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1999 / 07 / V – Gertrude Lake, AK
Hunter and companions report hearing 10 second long howl.
IBS #3665 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1999 / 07 / S – Ketchikan, AK
Woman has sighting on Ward Lake Road near Signal Creek Campground.
IBS #3885 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1999 / 08 / T – Boca de Quadra Inlet, AK
Report of boyfriend and girlfriend discovering 15 inch biped tracks on beach with 12 foot stride.
IBS #3666 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1999 / 09 / O – Klawock Lake, AK
Three inverted cedar trees jammed into muskeg, rock cairns found nearby.
IBS #3669 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

1999 / 10 / B / V / T – Koyukuk River, AK
Rocks thrown at cabin roof, growling and thumping on door to outhouse.  18 inch tracks with six foot
strides discovered.  Reported to dig clams during full moons and interested in fire, often
approaching campfires.  Subsequent report of walking to river to splash water on itself.  
Subsequent report of assaulting man with rock while he cooked trout.
IBS #3996, 1216

1999 / 11 / S - Wrangell Mountains, AK
Second hand account of a 62 year old Florida man scouting for land to purchase stops his 4X4 to
relieve himself and has sighting.  Described as six feet tall, hairy "manimal".  Face described as "...
anthropoid with tan skin under dark brown hairs which were three inches long and covering most of
the body."  Estimated to weigh 200 pounds.  Creature "...turned and headed back up into the
mountains where there are coniferous forests."  Informant stated that "...the man died two years later
of terminal cancer but he always maintained that he saw a real animal that resembled a man that day."  
It was never reported to authorities for fear of ridicule.
eported to Sasquatch Tracker via email - 2015.

1999 / 12 / O - Lake Louise, AK
July 01, 1999 - Father and son at lakeside cabin awake from nap to horrible smell and then hear a
footstep behind their cabin.  Both load firearms in reaction to smell and noise.  Witness reported he
was "too afraid to look out the back window of our cabin" then stated he crawled into bed  "and
listened  to the thing walking around the cabin for about half an hour or so" until there was silence.  
Witness remembers the year because a US Census worker had been operating a boat on the lake and
was lost and the lake was rough.  Sasquatch Tracker, 2015.

1999 / 13 / S - Lake Louise, AK
(Reported in conjunction with 1999/12/O above.)  Witness reported a few days later (after July 01)
that his little brothers were now at the cabin.  Witness reported he was sighting in a 22 caliber long
rifle by shooting at a suspended can 25 feet away.  Witness finishes shooting ten rounds when he
noticed "out of the corner of the scope sight a large brownish red colored mass."  Witness described
size as "3 1/2 feet across, had fur that was about 2 inches long or so".  Witness did not see arms or
legs, "just a mid-section of this thing that was standing down range of me."  Witness stated he
believed the thing had covered its ears with its hands (more than likely in reaction to the shooting
noise) and this is why he did not see arms.  It was described as "staring at me and the can (I) was
shooting."   Witness froze and "then it took one step to its left so it was directly behind the target,
then a second step and it was gone."  Witness "frantically ran back to the cabin and made his little
brothers get in the cabin" while he and his father "grabbed the big guns" and searched the area.  
There was no additional sighting, "just heard it walking off in the brush."  Sasquatch Tracker, 2015.
Alaska's  Boreal Sasquatch & Marked Hominid  Authority since 2005.
1990 - 1999 (As compiled by M.C. Thompson)
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