of it.  The depth perception is hard to determine in the vast scenery, but I did realize that whatever it
and it was moving away from us over a ridge. I yelled out to the (bus) driver that I had a spotting, but
nobody else really got a look at.”

INVESTIGATIVE SUMMARY: The narrative has been edited for length. The witness contacted
Sasquatch Tracker via email on 05AUG11. The witness stated that his/her vision had been corrected
via laser eye surgery and is 20/20. The witness was prompted to report the sighting after watching a
television program with a friend that featured Sasquatch. The witness expressed that after hearing
physical descriptions of Sasquatch on the television program, that the descriptions given matched the
physical descriptions of the possible Sasquatch witnessed during the bus tour. The witness also
mentioned that several of the reports posted to www.sasquatchtracker.com further supported the
claim. The witness further stated that he/she had always pictured Sasquatch as the brown haired
“Harry and the Hendersons” image that is popularly depicted. “It definitely made me think back on
what I saw in Alaska.  Now I'm not typically the type of person to believe in sightings of what I consider
urban myths - I don't believe in UFOs, ghosts, aliens, or the Loch Ness monster. Sasquatch used to be
on that list too. However, upon seeing that program and reading your website, I feel a little more
inclined to believe there's some credibility to this. I know it's nothing concrete, just a glimpse of
something unusual from a distance. However, the similarities with what I saw and what other people
claimed to see is too remarkable to be mere coincidence.”  Sasquatch Tracker, 2011

2010 / 02 / S – Meade River, AK
Sasquatch follows boat traveling down river.
Alaska Dispatch, 25SEPT2012

2011 / 01 / S – Meade River, AK
Mother and sons see three Sasquatch together.  NARRATIVE (edited for content): “We were out
boating, me, my sons. It was four days before my husband’s birthday, I will never forget the date.
We were heading towards the mouth of the river, to go see the boys who were rescued the night
before.” (Witness’ sons had be involved in in a rescue effort to recover a family of eight that was
stranded along the river after their boat ran aground.) “After the all-night rescue, my boys and I were
heading back to the cabin where they were dropped off. On our way, we saw three big black
creatures standing by Ruth Hill. These were big black giant figures standing by the big hill, moving
around, walking around for about an hour, watching us move with our boat. The three were standing,
walking about the same area, by the hill, looks like they were using this hill for shelter. They were
hanging around the same area. These three watched us for about an hour, before we reached the
“Six hours later, after we spent the afternoon with the boys at cabin, on our way back to our cabin on
the Meade River, the three creatures were gone. I think they went inside the big hill. I exactly know
where this hill is at.”
“As we were passing the hill and the three big creatures, I kept asking my (names deleted) and
(name deleted), “Do you see what I'm seeing?” I waved at them, as I stood on the boat seat. They just
stared at us, doing nothing but walking in circles like.  We got home four days later, to celebrate my
husband’s birthday. I didn’t think of this being anything, till 2012. That’s when it finally dawned on
me, we saw three big black creatures.  I took pictures, the pictures turned out blurry. They were
about a mile away from the edge of the river.”

INVESTIGATIVE NOTES: The witness contacted Sasquatch Tracker via email. The Meade River area
of Alaska is a wetlands area with tens of thousands of small lakes and ponds. Coincidently, this is the
second report from the Meade River area. Both sightings happened during September. Sasquatch
Tracker, 2012.

2011 / 02 / S – Ketchikan, AK
Sighting on logging road.
Alaska Dispatch, 18MAY2011
(Determined to be a hoax, video on internet: ”Ketchikan Sasquatch”)

2011 / 03 / S – Chevak, AK
Couple spot Sasquatch near airport.
Delta Discovery, 20FEB2013

2011 / 04 / S – Emmonak, AK
Utility Lineman walks to within 10-15 feet of Sasquatch believing it is a person.
Delta Discovery, 27FEB2013

2011 / 05 / S – Emmonak, AK
Utility Lineman working on pole has sighting of white colored Sasquatch.
Delta Discovery, 27FEB2013

2011 / 06 / S – Paimuit Trail near Hooper Bay, AK
Scammon Bay man traveling via snow machine to Hooper Bay encounters Hairy man on the trail.  
Believes it is a person who may be broken down (snow machine broken down).  As man gets closer,
“…the person was getting weird looking and unusual.  Its arms were really long and is seemed to be
hairy all over.  Its hair was like musk-ox, but brown.”  Man veers to the right when 60-70 feet from
subject, man is not acknowledged as approaching until within 20 feet from the subject.  Subject turns
towards man and all he “…remembers of its face were its red eyes.”.  Frightened, the man flees on
his snow machine.

2011 / 07 / S – Tarpernaq River, AK
Two Bethel men checking a whitefish net see creature too tall to be human. “…Person was grayish in
color and walked slowly. … It looked like it had not much of a neck.”  The men watch for
approximately five minutes before subject disappears in woods.  Men retrieve net and return to
Bethel, discuss what they had seen and agreed it was not human.

2012 / 01 / T – Border City, AK
M. Charlie Thompson of Sasquatch Tracker and sons find track on local access road.
Sasquatch Tracker, 2012

2012 / 02 / S – Meade River, AK
Caribou hunters have sighting near lake. NARRATIVE (edited for content): “... We were standing
outside (of a cabin) facing the lake. A half mile (away) we saw a herd of caribou, arriving easterly. I
suddenly saw a big bear like first chase a tuttu (caribou). I remarked happily, 'Oh look that little tuttu
is being chased'.  J. (name deleted for privacy) responded after he veered over with his binocular(s)
and looked at what I saw.  He said that's not a lil' tuttu, that's a bull caribou... Then he shouts out, 'Holy
cow, that's a real big man'. It was on two feet, his long gray arm was sweeping as the zig-zagging tuttu
was eluding. This tuttu turned aside and jumped 40 ft into the air and jump(ed) into a lake and furry
arm swinging as he walked upright. This was a 9 foot to 10 foot giant walking back to a top hill.  There
J. saw another man, tall and all fur, summon the first one back.  With no luck the man walked westerly.
His arms swinging. I ask(ed) J., 'What's he doing?  He says his arms swing like that Bigfoot Beast. In
one minute, I saw no caribou.  

(Witness goes on to describe damage at the cabin; meat rack taken down by wind or a bear and
scattered caribou legs and geese feathers.)

“... I was puzzled some meat eater left them as I looked at those legs (tuttus). I started tripping and I
look down. What made these holes was a footprint, two circles on each side and in the center was
claws, 2 sets pointed downward. I cannot forget them claws. The imprint weight was maybe 1200 lbs.,
a bear about 600 lbs. make a track imprint 3 inches on a track. This imprint I saw was about deep as a
salad bowl about 6 inches into a solid frozen beach. And it's still there. On my finding, I meant not to
tell E. (name deleted for privacy) and J. about the rack's destroyer. I just assumed another bear to
hunt down. On Tuesday I was wrong and what we saw made this puzzle to answer our question. The
few things I saw was a(n) old caribou head, the jaw on a (the) bottom was gone and it had been licked
often. Near what was an opening shrub, were feather(s) and like a circle it or something sat there and
ate these caribou. Fresh? Yes about 1 or 2 day old track. Fresh broken rack. All this told me it was not
a bear. The next day was Wednesday.  We took our boat towards that area and saw nothing. (Witness
tells about number of caribou in the area and how they returned with no meat.)  “... No I want to go
back, not to get it, but maybe feed him. I believe these two came to bury their dead. They gracefully
walked to the next hill westward toward Barrow, Alaska. The end.”

INVESTIGATIVE NOTES: This report was forwarded to Sasquatch Tracker by Sasquatch Tracker
associate Robert Alley. Included were hand drawn maps of the area showing the locations of the
sightings, location of cabin and the destroyed meat rack.  Also included was a drawing of layout of
where the impressions were discovered with the claw marks. The witness also made a silhouette
drawing of the subject and gave the overall height as 9-10 feet. Shoulder width was estimated to be 3
feet 7 inches to 3 feet 8 inches wide. Arm length (shoulder to end of hand) was estimated to be 3 feet
8 inches to 3 feet 10 inches. Witness said the measurements are off, but that the arms (hands) were
close to the knee. Subject said it was black in color and as it got closer, it turned to a darkish brown
with black patches. There was almost no neck but it had an upright head.  Sasquatch Tracker, 2012

2012 / 03 / S – Kasigluk, AK
Mother and sons have sighting while riding four wheelers.
Alaska Dispatch, 28JAN2013

2012 / 04 / S – Tuluksak, AK
Pilot and passenger see two Sasquatch running on ice.  Believed to be parent / offspring.
Delta Discovery, 06MAR2013

2012 / 05 / S – Kasigluk, AK
Springtime sighting by man.  No other details.
Delta Discovery, 30JAN2013

2012 / 06 / B - Talkeetna, AK
Moose hunters have feeling of being watched / stalked.
Sasquatch Tracker, 2013

2012 / 07 / T - Fairbanks, AK
Man metal detecting along Chena River finds tracks.

2013 / 01 / S – Tok River Bridge, AK
Mother and sons see Sasquatch crossing AK Highway.
Sasquatch Tracker, 2013.

2013 / 02 / S – Chefornak, AK
Father and son have sighting while stranded checking fish traps.
Delta Discovery, 20MAR2013

2013 / 03 / S - Border City, AK
Hunters discover set of tracks near bear baiting station.
"We were on our way to our bear baiting station when my oldest son found a track.  I am a fairly
accomplished bear hunter and have developed a knack for judging bear size by looking at tracks. At
first I was confused because this was unlike any bear track I had ever seen before.  After studying it
for a while, I came to the conclusion that it was not a bear track, but was probably a Bigfoot track. My
sons both agreed. We made a mental note of where the track was so we could study it further on our
way back to our truck. We then went on up the trail to our bait station to check if it had been hit on.
The bait station was just as we had left it a few days prior, so we just added the additional bait we
were carrying and turned around to make our way back to the truck. When we came to the spot
where we had found the track, we decided to look around for other tracks. About 25 feet down the
hill and across the trail, we found another track. (Investigator's note: the section of trail in the vicinity
of the track is sloped at approximately 35 degrees.) This track was larger than the first one we found.
We started getting excited and continued to search the area. We found another track about a yard
away. This track was the same size. Both tracks were going the same way so we figured that they were
impromptu tracking stick from a tree branch and marked the distance from toe to toe of the tracks
and used the stick to try to locate other tracks. I didn't have any luck so my sons and I decided to try
to walk the same direction that the tracks were pointing to see if we could pick up the trail further on.
We walked back into the trees for about 15 yards or so and found nothing. We hadn't gone too far
into the trees, but the way the trees were growing there prevented us from going any further if that
makes any sense? Anyway, on the way back, my oldest son found another track. This track was in
some dirt from an ant hill. He called me over and I took a look. It was the same size as the two other
larger tracks we had found minutes before. It was hard to figure out which way the track was heading
and we did look for some other tracks near the ant hill but didn't find any.”

INVESTIGATIVE SUMMARY: The small, single track discovered on the trail was 4 inches wide by 10
inches long. The depth of the impression at the time of the investigation was 1/4 of an inch uniformly.
The track showed four and possibly five toes of the left foot. The track had depreciated enough that
what would have been assumed as little toes could not be positively determined. The track was
positioned on the southeast side of the trail and had the appearance that the subject was traveling in a
northeastern direction. No other tracks were found that were associated with the smaller track.  The
first of the larger tracks was found among a patch of low bush cranberry. The second track was found
36 inches away as was reported by the witness. Both tracks were 6 inches wide and 15 and 1/4 inches
in length. Depth of impression at the time of the investigation was 3/4 of an inch on average. The lack
of depth was attributed to the low bush cranberry. The track discovered on the ant hill was of the
same dimensions as the first two. However, the track on the ant hill had depreciated to the point
where the toes could not be determined and thus the direction of travel is unknown.  In conclusion,
the smaller track was obviously made by a different subject than the one(s) who made larger set of
tracks. Based upon this, and the track on the ant hill, it is evident that two separate subjects with the
possibility of a third had traveled through the area. The surrounding area is filled with black spruce,
willow, alder and birch. Ground covering consists of low bush cranberry and well established
sphagnum moss.  Sasquatch Tracker, 2013

2013 / 04 / O - Border City, AK
Teenagers walking home hear growling noises in brush near roadside and have feeling of being
"stalked".  Follow up investigation was inconclusive.
Sasquatch Tracker, 2013

2013 / 05 / S - Border City, AK
Teenage boy reports seeing dark bi-pedal creature in trees near roadside.  (Reported in conjunction
with 2013 / 04 / O.)  Follow up investigation was inconclusive.
Sasquatch Tracker, 2013

2013 / 06 / S - Tetlin Junction, AK
Man sees dark bipedal creature cross AK Highway near Tetlin Jct.  Follow up investigation was
Sasquatch Tracker, 2013

2013 / 07 / S / B – Napakiak, AK
Woman in Napakiak Village Building inadvertently looks out window and “..saw something unusual
walking on top of the bluff on the other side of the Napakiak Slough.”  Described as “… dark-colored
and walking on two feet. It was real unusual, too tall to be a person, … It was taller than the brush on
top of the bluff.”  Admits to seeing “.. people before on the bluff and they were never that tall.”  
Subject disappears and reappears 10 minutes later.  Witness alerts co-workers and 8 of them see it
also.  Witness says “.. children (were) playing and sledding down the bluff. Some of the kids then
saw the creature and started running for home, crying in terror.”    Children later describe it as “…
dark brown.”  A snowmobiler appears on a nearby trail and does not see the subject.  Subject hides
from snowmobiler by crouching down on the ground, and departs. Tracks were photographed later
and were distorted by the sun (melted out?) but were shown to be “… too large for humans.”  

2013 / 08 / S - Napakiak, AK
Reported in conjunction with 2013/07/S.  Woman reported that a lone fisherman encounters a group
of hairy men.  No other details.

2013 / 09 / S – Near Bethel, AK
Passenger sees two individuals from aircraft.  Believed to be a mother and child because smaller one
acts as though it is trying to “hide under its mother’s legs, like a child would.”  Large subject
described as “…very tall, taller than a human and very dark and hairy.”

2013 / 10 / S - Napakiak, AK
Reported in conjunction with 2013/07/SB from children’s’ perspective.  Recap: subject was spotted
on a bluff near Napakiak Slough.  Described as “..very large, approximately 9 feet in height and black
colored…”  Also, “…It was taller than a human and very black, just standing in the open,” Other
witnesses described it as, “...Its hair was dark brown.”

2013 / 11 / S / T – Gweek River, AK
One member of berry picking family sees “..a large, dark figure on the bank along the river.”  
Described as “…It was a very tall man, black and dark.”  Sister of witness finds tracks on hillside in the
area.  Tracks were “...approximately 12” long – much larger than a human footprint.”  Other track
“…was smaller and more narrow.”

2013 / 12 / B / V – Kotlik, AK
Elder couple is awakened by something bothering their cabin. It was making noise in the little porch
of their cabin. “We thought it was a bear, so we didn’t bother checking it.” It was safer not to, in the
middle of the night.  Noise / disturbances continue for at night.  Vocalizations heard while tending fish
in smokehouse.

2013 / 13 / B / S – Penguq River, AK
Bethel family sees, “…a very tall, black colored creature walking upright” while berry picking.  Father
sees creature approximately one mile from berry picking site and points it out to mother.  Together,
they observe “…the creature crouched down when an airplane flew overhead. The being then
walked down a rise in the tundra.”  Described as “…It was so black and tall.” And “…It did not look
like a human person because a person from that far away would not look very big. The creature was
significantly large, even at that distance.”

2013 / 14 / S – Near Bethel, AK
Berry picking couple on ATV have sighting on trail west of Bethel.  The couple gets the ATV stuck in a
deep spot on the trail and gets assistance from another couple who had been hunting on foot.  When
ATV becomes free, the female berry picker looks up and sees something behind nearby bush.  
Described it as “...It has red eyes!”  Husband looks and sees squatting figure behind bush and
describes”…Then it got up as if it was going to make a break for it but then it squatted back down
behind the bush again,” Both couples depart without further incident.

2013 / 15 / S / B – Nunavakanukakslak Lake, AK
6 boaters observe creature near lake.  Boat with five aboard “…saw something dark on a hillside not
far from the river, squatting down with its knees on its chest and possibly eating berries.”  And
mistakenly assume it is a person berry picking until “…the animal stood up on two feet and began
walking away.”  Described as “…tall and dark-colored, but very human-like as it walked. Although
just walking, it moved very fast in a few steps up the hill…” Other boat with one aboard now sees the
creature as well.  Creature “…turned back up the hill, but then it stopped and squatted down behind
a mound of tundra. There, the Hairy Man peeked over the mound with its head bobbing up and down
to look at them until they were gone from view.”  A “relative of one of the people in the boat said he
had also seen a similarly tall and dark-colored creature while out berry picking, but couldn’t
determine what it was.”

2013 / 16 / B / V - 25 Mile River, Haines, AK
A couple camping with their dogs at the 25 Mile River awaken and hear "something small running
circles" around their tent.  The female witness awakes again later and hears what was described as a
"dog screaming like it was stuck in a trap".  Eventually the noise stops.  The following day is
uneventful, but as night fell, a noise like a "dog crying out in pain" is heard coming from across the
river.  After a while "the creature decided the dog cries were not enough" and "it started asking
rather than saying 'HEH ROOOOO?' in long drawn out woman like wails."   The female witness
described the noise as moving stating that "...it would run from the river's edge at least a couple of
miles into the forest with one wail, one breath."  The noise stopped when the female witness
responded with, "Is it STILL going?"  Eventually the noise resumed and the female witness responded
again and the noise stopped.  This went on "... a few times."  The female witness stated that they (the
male witness as well as herself) heard the noise all night.  She stated, "it would run to the water's edge
[and] taunt us, and run back wailing."  She suspected more than one creature.  Sasquatch Tracker's
note: Their encounter continues in 2013/17/BV below.  Although this was reported as one continuous
encounter, it is Sasqutch Tracker's opinion that the second part of the encounter is interesting enough
that it merits its own entry in the database.  Sasquatch Tracker, 2015

2013 / 17 / B / V - Mile 27, Haines, AK (reported with 2013 / 16 / B / V)
The same couple in 2013/16/BV returned to their home and the female witness was on the balcony
smoking when she once again heard the wailing 'HEH ROOOOO'.  However, this time there were two
creatures wailing, one was down the driveway, the second was on the mountain behind the house.  
The female witness called out the male witness and he went to retrieve a firearm.   As the male witness
entered the house, a glass bottle (presumed to have been thrown) struck the metal (near or on the
door).  The male witness shot the firearm several times (attempting to scare the creatures away since
the female stated that they often did this for bears).  The following morning, the couple discovered a
lamppost which was cemented two feet deep at the bottom of their stair case had been ripped from
the ground and thrown ten feet to the side.
Sasquatch Tracker, 2015

2013 / 18 / S - Kashwitna Lake, Willow, AK
A firefighter / emergency medical technician working in the Mat-Su Valley reports a friend of his was
at Kashwitna Lake with other friends "...a few years ago" and "...heard something big moving and saw
a large hairy creature moving off to where the brush was too thick."  He stated it happened when "it
was getting dark" and this incident was three years ago.  Sasquatch Tracker note: This was reported
in 2016 but based upon the statement, the conclusion was that the event occurred sometime during
2013.  Sasquatch Tracker, 2015.

2014 / 01 / B / S - Bethel, AK
Two hunters come upon Bigfoot sitting on tundra "..very  manlike."  Hunters lock eyes and trade
gazes.  Hunters then depart and keep looking over shoulder to assure they are not being followed,

2014 / 02 / S - Tuntutuliak, AK
Two teenage girls have sighting after checking on brother and brother's friend swimming.  After
checking on boys, the girls were walking near an old air strip when sighting happened.  One girl
mistakes the creature for being her brother's best friend and speaks to it.  The creature looked at
them then walked into the woods.  Described as "...tall, big,dark and hairy.  The chest area was

2014 / 03 / B / S - Hooper Bay, AK
Bosco Olson, Sr. encounters a Sasquatch on beach scavenging dead walrus on July 04, 2014.  Olson
sees bobbing head and believes it is a raven until he gets closer.  Olson waits a half hour or more
observing the bobbing head when creature stands.  Olson describes it as "...very tall and dark, but
its legs seemed somewhat brownish.  Its body was very broad and muscular.  Olson and creature
stare at each other for "five long minutes or more."  Olson said it may have been challenging him.  
Creature then turned and departed to north along beach.  The creature stops and picks up driftwood
log on beach and returns to dead walrus.  Olson remembers he has camera and begins to "take video
of it".  Almost right away, Olson can not continue to video because the card got full".  (Referring to
disc in camera.)  Olson then watches creature use log to attempt to roll the walrus.  Olson senses the
creature's frustration at not turning walrus and decides to depart.  Seeing the demeanor change,
Olson is fearful and cautiously left the area.  Olson then returns the next day (July 05) with a firearm to
check the walrus and the creature is gone.  Olson finds a small steak knife stuck in the walrus meat
and evidence of meat being cut from the body.

2014 / 04 / S - Mount Roberts, Juneau, AK
A photographer from Blue Bay Photography sent us this photograph or picture of a possible Bigfoot.
He says he was hiking near Mount Roberts when he saw something moving about 150 yards away. He
doesn’t know what it was exactly but thinks it might be a Bigfoot or Sasquatch.

2015 / 01 / V - Mile 1227 Alaska Highway
Father and children hear voices in woods that mimics their conversation. When they spoke to each
other, the voices could be heard.  When their conversation ended, the voices faded and then
"something very large" could be heard moving away through the trees and brush.
Sasquatch Tracker, 2015.

2015 / 02 / O - Grass Lake Trail, Sweetwater Creek, AK
Moose hunters encounter horrible smell after calling for moose and have feeling of being stalked.  
Hunters reported calling for moose and hearing "noises in the trees behind them".  They attributed
the noises to bull moose or a bear responding to the calls and continued to call for about an hour.  
After there was no positive response, the hunters decided to quit for the day.  While hiking back to
their vehicle, they smelled a "horrible rotten egg smell or really bad body odor".  As the smell grew
stronger along the trail, a cracking stick was heard in the background.  "The cracking sounded like
something heavy had stepped on a stick and broken it as it was walking."  After hearing the stick
cracking, the hunters knew they were not alone and they had a feeling of being watched or stalked as
they continued along the trail.  At a fork in the trail a few hundred yards from where the odor was
encountered, the smell disappeared.  The hunters returned to their vehicle and left the area.  
Sasquatch Tracker, 2015.

2015 / 03 / S - Tok, AK
Commercial truck driver reports that a tall, dark colored figure that looked like "a very large man"
was spotted as the driver came around a curve in the Alaska Highway around 0230 hours during the
morning of October 14th.  The figure ran along the northbound shoulder of the road for an estimated
75 yards before turning left and crossing both lanes of the highway and disappearing into the nearby
trees.  The driver stated that he thought he was observing "the tail end of a moose" as it was running
from his truck, but when it turned to cross the road, he "was convinced it was a Bigfoot because it was
upright like a man".  Sasquatch Tracker, 2015.

2015 / 04 / O / L - Taylor Highway, AK
Second hand information was received about a "tribe" of Sasquatch that lives "in the mountains
between Tok and Chicken, AK".  No other details were provided except that the person reporting
the information was told by the originator "that they should be left alone because they are
dangerous".  Sasquatch Tracker was not able to obtain the originator's contact information so
verification of the claim was not conducted.  Sasquatch Tracker, 2015.

2015 / 05 / O - Cordova, AK
Sasquatch Tracker Associate D. Shepherd hears "loud crash" on roof of remote cabin.  Shepherd was
conducting an independent expedition near a remote cabin in the Cordova area and had been
scanning the area with a red light as well as tree knocking.  Shepherd had negative results from his
efforts and entered the cabin to relax.  Approximately 10 minutes later, the "crash" occurred.    
Shepherd conducted an intensive search around the cabin the following morning and found nothing
out of the ordinary other than a 14 inch long stick.  Shepherd shared with Sasquatch Tracker that there
was   nobody camped within 3 miles of the cabin and the trees near the cabin were such that a branch
could not have fallen and struck the roof, thus ruling out human activity.  Weather at the time of the
incident was reported as "a light rain with no wind."     
Sasquatch Tracker, 2015

2015 / 06 / S - Skilak Loop Road, Sterling, AK
On 24JUN2015, a firefighter engaged in a firefighting operation  briefly encountered "...a tall bipedal
animal walking into the woods".  The firefighter stated there were no other crews in the area at the
time of the sighting, ruling out possible mistaken identification.  The firefighter further stated that "...
due to the animal's upright posture, gait and extremity proportions, I do not believe it to be a bear."   
Sasquatch Tracker, 2015

2016 / 01 / S - Tok, AK
In June of 2016, a woman driving along the Alaska Highway approximately 6 miles northwest of Tok,
AK glanced down a side road as she drove past and saw a tall, dark, “man-shaped” figure.  The
witness stated she was certain that what she saw was not a moose or a bear and turned her vehicle
around to take another look.  By the time she arrived at the side road, the subject she had seen had
disappeared.  Not wanting to disturb any possible evidence, the woman decided against driving
down the road to the specific area where the subject was originally spotted.  
INVESTIGATIVE NOTES:  The witness contacted Sasquatch Tracker directly and described the
subject as “auburn colored”.  Details were ascertained about the exact location and Sasquatch Tracker
visited the site to conduct a thorough search for evidence.  Nothing was located because the road
showed signs of heavy use (ATV and motorcycle tracks).  Any possible evidence was more than
likely destroyed by the traffic on the road.  The area around Tok (N 63°19’27’ X W 143°1’5’) is a
boreal environment and would positively support one on more Boreal Sasquatch or Marked
Hominids.   Sasquatch Tracker, 2016.

2016 / 02 / S - Copper Center, AK
A witness living close to Copper Center, AK contacted Sasquatch Tracker via email and reported that
“…At 11 pm on the 24th of July, 2016, I was on my way home when I began to drive down our road
when my high beams (headlights) highlighted something about 30 feet from the front of my car. It
stood at about 6 and a half feet tall, all black. As I approached it, [while still in the vehicle] it took off
into the woods – bipedal, arms swinging and lunging forward at an incredible speed and surprising
amount of grace. It went back into the woods and disappeared.”
INVESTIGATIVE NOTES:  Follow up questions revealed no further sightings, but the witness stated
her animals were “…terrified of something.”  The witness explained that “…My horses have
experienced bear, coyotes, wolves, you name it – they’ve handled it.  But this was entirely
different.”  The area surrounding Copper Center (N 61°57’55’ X W 145°19’6’) is a boreal
environment that offers abundant food sources including big game and non-game animals, birds, fish
and various forms of vegetation. This area would positively support one or more Boreal Sasquatch or
Marked Hominids.  Sasquatch Tracker, 2016

2016 / 03 / O / B - Togiak River, AK
A man contacted Sasquatch Tracker via email and reported he knew of a woman from Togiak  who
claims "...Bigfoot has been scaring the hell out of moose hunters up the Togiak River."  No other
details.  Sasquatch Tracker, 2016.

2016 / 04 / O / B - Tetlin, AK
A local man contacted Sasquatch Tracker directly and reported that while moose hunting in the Tetlin,
AK area on  September of 2016, he was tired and set up a tent to sleep in.  While sleeping, the man
became aware that something had brushed up against him from outside of the tent.  He knew it was
not a fox or a coyote by the way he had been "brushed".  He considered the possibility of a cow
moose rubbing the side of his tent, but the thing that had rubbed him was not large enough to have
rubbed against him in the manner he described.  The witness said that although he was sleeping, he
was aware of what had happened. Sasquatch Tracker, 2016.

2016 / 05 / T - Telin, AK
Reported in conjunction with 2016/04, a local man reported  a relative and a friend had found a track
near the area where the man had set up his tent to sleep.  Sasquatch Tracker, 2016.  

2016 / 06 / T - Moose Pass, AK
Hiker discovers tracks on the shore of Upper Trail Lake in Moose Pass area.  Reported via email, the
witness described finding tracks around the 26th of September 2016 in the late afternoon.  Witness
stated he discovered a single left foot print 16.5 inches in length by roughly 8 to 8.5 inches in width
at the ball of the foot.  The track tapered down to 4.5 - 5 inches across the heel section and clear toe
impressions were observed.  Witness believed the track appeared "about a day old  and was right
next to the edge of the waterline of the lake shore."  Witness also stated seeing the rough outlines of
other tracks in the water for a distance of about 10 yards and estimated tracks were 5 - 6 feet apart.
Sasquatch Tracker, 2016

2017 / 01 / T - Mile 1243.6 AK Highway
On 23 JUL 2017, a set of tracks were discovered near Mile 1243.6 on the north side of the AK
Highway.  23 tracks were discovered along with an area that appears as a “slide” or a “shuffle” of
approximately five feet where individual tracks were not recognizable.  The tracks appear to be
bipedal in nature and are descending a sandy southern facing slope that ranged between 30° at the
bottom to approximately 55° at the top.  For more details and photos:
Sasquatch Tracker, 2017

2017 / 02 / B – Scottie Creek, AK (Mile 1223 AK Highway)
Four moose hunters discover cache of low bush cranberries in tree stump.  The hunters were under
the impression that they may have interrupted a Boreal Sasquatch that had been gathering berries as
they approached the area since the berries and a couple of leaves were not wilted (freshly picked).  
They believed that the berries were placed there to be retrieved when the hunters departed the
area. All members of then hunting party described having the feeling of being watched as they
passed through the area.  Further details and photographs:
Saquatch Tracker, 2017

2017 / 03 / B – Northway, AK
Men have afternoon tree knocking encounter.  During the afternoon of 28 SEPT 2017, two men were
grouse hunting and evaluating a local trail system around 4 PM for possible trapping this winter.  The
men hiked approximately 10 minutes before coming to a hub in the trail and decided to scout the
center trail.  After 5 minutes of hiking the center trail, the men stopped to discuss various ermine, fox
and wolf signs.  As the men began to speak to each other, both of them heard a “thumping noise like
a stick striking a tree”.  The older of the two men picked up a stick and “knocked” back.  The man’s
response was immediately answered with rhythmic knocking sounds.  The knocks were in groups of
three and four and were evenly spaced as if deliberate.  The older man continued to knock with
continued response for an estimate three minutes.  Both men had the feeling of “being stalked or
watched” and becoming increasingly uneasy, departed the area.

INVESTIGATIVE NOTES: The immediate area is very thick boreal forest with sphagnum moss
ground covering. Visibility was approximately 10 yards and the men estimated the source of the
knocking was within 50 to 60 yards of them.  Both men are accomplished hunters and quickly ruled
out bear jaw popping and grouse wing beating sounds.  This incident occurred within 0.75 mile of a
tree knocking encounter that took place in 2008 (2008 / 02 / B).
Sasquatch Tracker, 2017.

2017 / 04 / T – Bottenintnin Lake Area, AK
On 30 SEPT 2017, Larry Baxter of Homer, AK "observed an impression or footprint on the ground..."
while hiking near Bottenintnin Lake.  The discovery could not be identified "as being left by any
known animal.  The impression had characteristics of a human footprint with what appeared to be an
impression of a big toe.  The impression was photographed."

Baxter submitted a notarized general affidavit singed on the 29th of
December, 2017 in Homer, AK attesting to the track he discovered.
  Baxter's affidavit is on file with
Sasquatch Tracker in Border, AK.  Sasquatch Tracker, 2018.

2017 / 05 / B – Bottenintnin Lake Area, AK
On 14 OCT 2017, Larry Baxter of Homer, AK and his spouse were hiking in the Bottenintnin Lake area
and “heard three loud thumps as if something large was hitting the ground.”  Baxter described the
"sound as coming from behind" them as they walked out of the area back to their vehicle.  Baxter
"walked back toward the sound and did not see or hear any[thing] that could have been responsible
for the noise."  Baxter then "tried to replicate the sound by jumping and stomping on the ground and
could not reproduce the sound."  Baxter further "observed tree limbs that were twisted and pulled
down from trees.  Baxter stated the limbs were twisted and pulled down at about six feet off the
ground, just above" his head.
INVESTIGATIVE NOTES: Baxter submitted a notarized general affidavit singed on the 29th of
December, 2017 in Homer, AK attesting to the sounds he and his spouse had heard.  Baxter's
affidavit is on file with Sasquatch Tracker in Border, AK.  Sasquatch Tracker, 2018.

2017 / 06 / T - Limestone Inlet, AK
Self-described “wandering boat bum” who spends considerable time in remote areas of Southeast
Alaska found an interesting track in Limestone Inlet during the summer of 2017.  No other details.
Sasquatch Tracker, 2017

2018/ 01 / S – Summit Lake, AK
Truck Driver has had two separate sightings along the Seward Highway in the Summit Lake area (N
60.626684 X W 149.514170) a few miles before the junction with the Sterling Highway (N 60.534004
X W 149.555125) going to Cooper Landing.  Sasquatch Tracker, 2018.

2018 / 02 / V – Tok, AK
A local woman reported directly to Sasquatch Tracker that she had gotten up early on the morning of
July 3, 2018 and heard “howling” sounds in the forest surrounding her residence.  The witness
declined to provide further information.  

INVESTIGATIVE NOTES: The area around Tok (N 63°176’19’27” X W 143° 176’ 15”) is a definite
boreal environment and would positively support one on more Boreal Sasquatch or Marked
Hominids. Sasquatch Tracker, 2018.

2018 / 03 / O - Border, AK
On Friday, October 19, 2018 around 1900 hours local time, a man working in a detached garage
noticed his pet dogs acting nervous and restless as they lifted their noses to wind.  The man believes
there was something on the edge of the trees 50 yards from the garage that the dogs had caught the
scent of.  The man decided to return to the house and brought the dogs in with him.  
Later, around 2230 hours local, the man had gone back to the detached garage to retrieve a personal
item.  While in the garage, he stated he heard something that sounded like “digging” on the north
side of the garage structure.  The man yelled loudly to the source of the noise to “Get out of here!”
and then threw at hammer at the side of the garage to make additional noise.  He went outside with
bear spray and cautiously searched the area.  Nothing was discovered and no tracks were observed.  

INVESTIGATIVE NOTES: There were prior problems with a mature grizzly bear near the house and
garage and the man either carried bear spray or a firearm at all times while outside.  The source of
anxiety in the dogs and the noise on the side of the garage very well could have been the grizzly
returning to the area around the house and garage.  Incidentally, both events took place within 2.0
miles of #2017 / 02 / B which involved hunters finding a cranberry cache.   Unresolved.  Sasquatch
Tracker, 2018.

2018 / 04 / S – Galena, AK
At approximately 12:25 PM on October 22, 2018, a student at Galena Interior Learning Academy (in
Galena, AK, N64°44’26” x W156°53’80”) was on a bus traveling to the Sidney C. Huntington High
School.  The student looked out the window and saw what he thought was a man on a sand bar on the
south side of the Yukon River.  Intrigued, he continued observation of the figure and suddenly
realized that it was not human.  The witness described it as being all black and having a cone shaped
head.  He further described it as “…the creature seemed to be squatting.”
Follow up investigation with the student revealed that he considered the possibility that he was
looking at a log (driftwood) or some other debris because upon his initial observation, the object was
stationary.   However, he was able to quickly rule that possibility out when he looked back towards
the “object” and saw that it was no longer there.  

INVESTIGATIVE NOTES: The witness showed that he believed he was within 1700 feet at the time of
the sighting.  (Distance was calculated via Google Earth.)  He estimated his sighting lasted an
estimated 3-5 seconds. The sighting occurred on a sandbar on the northern bank of an island on the
southern side of the river.  Most of the time the sandbar is under water.  When this sighting
occurred, the water level in the Yukon River was low enough to expose the sandbar.  Further
information appears at:
daytime-sighting-along-yukon-river-in-galena-ak/  Sasquatch Tracker, 2018.

2018 / 06 / O – Kashwitna Creek, AK
A woman reported finding an unexplained “face print” on a porch window of a cabin north of Willow,
AK.  The witness described the size of the face print as “…a foot by a foot…”  The witness stated, “It’s
possibly a bear, but a bears nose is long, how does a bear get his nose and eye prints on the
window?”   Outline of face and edge of hair is visible in witness photographs that were sent to
Sasquatch Tracker.  Photographs pending release.  Sasquatch Tracker, 2018.  

2018 / 07 / V - Clam Gulch, AK
On December 30, 2018, at approximately 17:30-17:45 hours local: A man playing with his family dogs
outside makes “grunting-growling” sounds to interact with his Great Dane and has his sounds
mimicked.  The man’s wife explained that he suddenly ran into the house “screaming” for a
flashlight.  With flashlight in hand, he returned outside to investigate.  The woman then hears all the
dogs in the area “going nuts” and asks him for an explanation.  The man tells her that while playing
and making the sounds, something mimicked him exactly but “it was deeper toned and about 50-100
yards from the house!”  The woman stated, “Our Great Dane is around 155 lbs. and not afraid of
anything…” but in this case, “she had her hackles up [while] sniffing the air and whining like crazy.”   
The woman mentioned being familiar with moose and bears that had been on the property before,
but did not think it was either, especially with …”bears in hibernation right now.”  The woman stated
she was “fairly new to Alaska” and had a previous sighting in Washington State during 2008.

INVESTIGATIVE NOTES:  The Boreal Sasquatch ability to mimic animal and human sounds has been
reported before to Sasquatch Tracker.  Clam Gulch, AK is located at N60°13’40” X W151°23’38” on
the eastern shore of Cook Inlet.  In follow up email conversation,  the witness checked the
surrounding area later for tracks but didn’t find anything.  The witness admitted that she was not
100% sure that the correct area was checked (as in it was difficult to determine the exact direction of
the vocalization during the evening compared to the area during daylight) but promised to contact
Sasquatch Tracker Associate Larry "Beans" Baxter if anything further developed.  
Kenia Bigfoot Research Group, 2018.

2019 / 01 / O - Desper Creek, AK
On February 19, 2019 at 0245 hours, the reporting witness awoke to the family’s three dogs whining
to go outside.  The witness explained that it was a normal thing for the dogs to want to go out during
the night for a “potty break”.  Each dog would usually go outside one at a time on a retractable leash
while the witness would stand just inside the back door of the house.  The male dog went out first and
he immediately alerted to something near Desper Creek (which runs through the property)
approximately 225 yards from the door.  The witness stated that the dog’s hackles were up and he
was on guard as they both heard four distinct and evenly spaced knocks coming from the creek
area.  As the dog retreated to the house, the witness put the retractable leash on the next dog.  The
second dog seemed “oblivious” to what had happened seconds before.  As the third dog went out, it
turned its nose towards the creek and behaved nervously.  While the other dogs were out, the male
dog went to the living room and was nervously pacing and “woofing” as he glanced out the window in
the direction of the creek.  (The living room is on the creek side of the house.) His nervous behavior
spooked the other dogs and they quickly joined in scanning the area through the window and
emitting nervous “woofing” barks.  This continued for some time and eventually all of the dogs
calmed down.  The witness was unsure of the exact location along the creek where the knocks had
come from.

INVESTIGATIVE NOTES: A search of the area was conducted.  No tracks or other physical evidence
was located, however due to deep snow, the search was limited to areas that could be seen from an
access road.  Incidentally, the Sasquatch Tracker database contains other reports of activity within 4
miles of  this incident.  
incident/    Sasquatch Tracker, 2019.
Alaska's  Boreal Sasquatch & Marked Hominid  Authority since 2005.
2010 - 2019 (As compiled by M.C. Thompson)