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Sasquatch Tracker's
ECK - Evidence
Collection Kit
A compact design to help Sasquatch Citizen Scientists photograph
evidence and collect biological samples in any environment.
This is a complete and economical kit for
photographing and collecting biological samples
that may be attributed to Sasquatch or Marked
Hominids.  Use to measure tracks, determine
pitch and show scale references and track
identification in photos.  Contains appropriate
tools and collection devices to perform sampling
on tissue, blood, hair, teeth, bone, feces, and
body fluids such as saliva, urine, semen and
even vomit.  User will have to provide distilled
water for dried blood sampling.  Items are hand
Tested in the Boreal Wilderness of Alaska.
Size: 1.625" X 3.750" X 8.375, Weight: 7.80 oz.
One (1) Permanent marking Pen
One (1) 96" Cloth tape Measure
One (1) Magnifying Lens
One (1) 4" Protractor
Three (3) Photographic Scale Bars
One (1) Surgical mask
One (1) Pair of Nitrile Exam Gloves
One (1) Hand Sanitizer Pack
Two (2) Alcohol Preps
One (1) 2 X 2 Gauze Pad
One (1) Dram Size (3.69 ml) Glass Vial
One (1) Pair Metal Tweezers
One (1) Scalpel
Two (2) Packs Cotton Swabs
Two (2) Wooden Depressors
One (1) 3 ml Pipette
Two (2) Collection Tubes with Caps
One (1) Specimen Transport Bag
One (1) Biological Sample / Custody Card
Two (2) Security Seals
One (1) Collection User Guide / Reference Page
One (1) Re-usable Semi-waterproof Plastic Box
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"...Easy to use and very well
thought out. It would work
anywhere in     North America..."

J. H.  New York
"...Innovative and economical..."

R. T.  Alaska
The ECK ships to US addresses only.
Foreign addresses please contact:
(Enter "ECK Purchase" on the subject line.)
Price:  $40.00 (plus $8.95 Priority Mail and handling fee)
Note: There may be  certain restrictions in
your area regarding the possession/use of
medical or biological testing equipment.  In
some areas, equipment contained in the kit
could be considered drug paraphernalia.  It is
up to you to know and obey the restrictions or
laws in your area.
"A nice compact light kit, it goes
with me everywhere, even on
local hikes. You can never tell
when you may come across
something interesting!"

D. S. Alaska
The Alaska Boreal Sasquatch Research Project, Est. 2005