Unknown / 02 / S – Juneau, AK
Sighting at Pybus Bay near Juneau, no other details.
International Bigfoot Society #1017

Unknown / 03 / L – Katmai National Park
Rumor of Sasquatch legend, not verified.

Unknown / 03 / T – King Salmon, AK
Tracks discovered, no other details.
International Bigfoot Society #720

Unknown / 04 / L –Klinkwan, AK
Alleged burial site near Klakas Inlet, Prince of Wales Island.
International Bigfoot Society #145, 2248 (Alley, R.  2003.  Raincoast Sasquatch)

Unknown / 05 / BT – Mentasta, AK
Fuel drum moved, tracks discovered.
Sasquatch Tracker

Unknown / 06 / S – Prince of Wales Island, AK
Sighting between Hollis and Klawok.
Bigfoot Encounters

Uknown / 07 / L – Wrangell, AK
Alleged story of girl being returned to family by sasquatch after wandering off.
Bigfoot Encounters

Unknown / 08 / B / L – Unknown Location, AK
Pilot has newlywed wife abducted during forced landing due to weather.  Inconclusive.
Bigfoot Encounters

Unknown / 09 / S / T – Kwethluk, AK
Witness has childhood recollection of sighting.  Tracks later discovered.
Delta Discovery, 13FEB2013

Unknown / 10 / S – Tuluksak River, AK
Hunter with brother and friend has sighting of reddish Sasquatch.
Delta Discovery, 06FEB2013

Unknown / 11 / L – Unknown Location, AK
Legend of man killing Sasquatch to be later harassed in village by other Sasquatch until
he departs for good.
Delta Discovery, 20JAN2013

Unknown / 12 / L – Nenana, AK
Two people disappear in area where “yeti” was spotted by tourists.
International Bigfoot Society #2738

Unknown / 13 / B – Portlock, AK
Native village is abandoned after repeated visits and harassment by sasquatch.
International Bigfoot Society #3384

Unknown / 13 / T – King Salmon, AK
Witness tells friend via internet about finding 24 inch tracks in sand near King Salmon.
International Bigfoot Society #3144, 720

Unknown / 14 / T – Eagle, AK
Two cousins find tracks.  Village elder explains “they come down from the third peak”
and “they don’t do anything really, just eat or take.”  
Reported to appear every 7-14 years.
OregonBigfoot.com #1198

Unknown / 15 / T / B – Iliamna, AK
Woman reports her laundry is torn down.  24 inch tracks discovered leading to FAA
station.  Evidence of digging in berm beside road is also discovered.  Neighbor reports
a sighting through window three days later.
International Bigfoot Society #2778

Unknown / 16 / S – Prince of Wales island, AK
Man has face to face encounter, shoots and kills sasquatch.  Friends help man bury
body.  Sasquatch Tracker believes this may be linked to Unknown/04/L.
IBS #3342

Unknown / 16 / B – Meyers Chuck, AK
Brothers find crabapples stacked in pyramids.  Four pyramids total, 3 feet high and
described like the way grocer would stack produce.
IBS #3388

Unknown / 17 / L – Pybus Bay, AK
Native legend of friendly dwarfs so heavy that they could not be picked up.
IBS #3496, 1071

Unknown / 18 / B – Andreafsky River, AK
A St. Mary’s woman recalls having rocks thrown at her and her husband while traveling
up river.
Delta Discovery 03JUL 2013

Unknown / 19 / S – Knik Goose Bay Road, Wasilla, AK
Man reports seeing a sasquatch in woods from father’s back porch.  Believed to have
occurred in 2010.
AboveTopSecret.com 24JUL 2013

Unknown / 20 / S – Fort Wainwright, AK
Active duty serviceman has sighting.  No other details.
AboveTopSecret.com 25JUL 2013

Unknown / 21 / B – Napakiak, AK
Childhood recollection of venturing in woods and having a branch thrown at witness.  
Witness also described foul smell.  Witness’ aunt and step-father also describe similar
Delta Discovery 12JUN2013

Unknown / 22 / S / B / V – Black River, Kusilvak Mountain, Scammon Bay, AK
Second hand story of a hunter walking to higher ground to look for game and has
sighting.  Witness said he was charged and fired several shots from hunting rifle.  
Retreats to his boat and further said the beast roared at him and swung its arms towards
Delta Discovery 05JUN2013

Unknown / 23 / S – Nunacuaq Village, AK
Second hand story of woman with baby seeing a sasquatch steal dried fish from
Delta Discovery 08MAY2013

Unknown / 24 / S / B / L – Rampart, AK
Story of a “medicine woman” being abducted to care for an ill juvenile.  Woman was
taken to a cave and observed both sexes.  Claims she was spoken to without talking and
the purpose of the abduction was to for her to care for the ailing juvenile.  The juvenile
makes a recovery and the woman is released after promising to never tell the location of
the cave.

Unknown / 25 / T - Area near Tok, AK
Boys find tracks on trap line and alert their father.  Father follows tracks for two hours,
returns and says "...it was any body trapping we were okay..." (?)

Unknown / 26 / S - Unknown
Person admits to experience with bigfoot in the past "while hunting, and sport fishing...
never trapping... at least "not yet".  Claims to "have seen 2 of the creatures, one was tall
and thin, the other was tall and MASSIVE." (Witness' emphasis).

Unknown / 27 / S - Between Pilot Point and Saint Marys, AK
Second hand account of "buddy" seeing one "between Pilot Point and Saint Marys, on
river..."  No other details

Unknown / 28 / S - Near Perryville, AK
14 year old boy harvesting sea urchins hears lost dog barking, goes in search of dog
and hears noise "in alders" beside him.  Boy thinks it is a few of his friends playing a
joke and said, "Knock it off, I know who you are."  Shines flashlight in the direction of the
noise and has face to face encounter.  In fear, he drops the dog and runs back to where
his friends were and tells them what had happened.  Everyone is frightened and "...
they took off running, too."  The boy returns to Perryville abd consults village elders.  
Elders told him "...other hairy guys had been seen in the hills; occasionlly they'd come
into the village and rob fish from smokehouses."
Bill Sherwonit, 2007.  In Search of Wild Man. Anchorage Press Home Page - Highlighted
Stories, News & Features, Feature Story, Archives, Vol. 16, Ed. 31 on August 02, 2007  

Unknown / 29 / S - Unknown
Elena Gumlickpuk tells of a Hairy Man who was spotted by a woman washing clothes.  
When confronted, the hairy man "...jump off, way far.  He could jump high over bushes
and really run fast."

Unknown / 30 / L - Wrangell, AK
Fisherman reports "that as far back as he could remember there was a story that
circulated in his family about a hairy giant that brought a three year old girl back to the
encampment after she wandered away from he mother.  The child had been missing
most of the day but was returned at dusk completely unharmed in the arms of a male
beast who, it was said, placed her on the ground and walked back into the forest.  The
little girl had learned to play the game of stick-ball while away."  (Franklin)
Bigfoot Encounters

Unknown / 31 / S / V - Meier's Lake Roadhouse, Glennallen, AK
Friend reports sighting to other friend and the cook (employee at Meier's Lake
Roadhouse) heard a scream "two years later after seeing caribou up on the hill" and said
it was "standing on the other side of the lake just before dark."
Sasquatch Tracker, 2015.

Unknown / 32 / L – Talkeetna Mountains, AK
Second hand information of Sasquatch living in the Talkeetna Mountains (N 62°2’0’ X W
147°54’0’).  Also believed to be able to jump up to 20 feet into trees.  Reported in
conjunction with 2016/07/S.  Sasquatch Tracker, 2016.

Unknown / 33 / O – Talkeetna Mountains, AK
The witness and a friend were planting strawberries over the septic system of a cabin in
the Talkeetna Mountain foothills (N 62°2’0’ X W 147°54’0’).  While planting, they heard
a strange growl directed towards them.  The two grabbed their rifles and went to
investigate but did not find anything.  Reported in conjunction with 2016/07/S.  
Sasquatch Tracker, 2016.
Alaska's  Boreal Sasquatch & Marked Hominid  Authority since 2005.
UNKNOWN DATES (As compiled by M.C. Thompson)