Contact Information:
Michael C. Thompson
HC 63 - Box 1221
Tok, AK  99780
Phone: (907) 774-2224  Monday - Friday 10AM - 3PM AST
(If no answer, leave message with your contact information.)
Southeast Alaska Mailing Address:
J. Robert Alley
PO Box 6038
Ketchikan, AK  99901
Phone: (907) 617-3177
Attention TV  / Video Producers & Casting Companies:
Michael Thompson is available to provide consultation or appear as a
subject matter expert in historical, archaeological or scientific
programs.   He is also available to speak at events relating to
Download the media kit here.

Please do not solicit us for casting in "reality" programming.   We are
willing to provide consultation or appear as subject matter experts only.
We need your encounters:
Your help is appreciated.  Encounters submitted to Sasquatch Tracker are kept
confidential.  Your name and contact information is removed from all without
your prior permission.

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Alaska's  Boreal Sasquatch & Marked Hominid  Authority since 2005.
the Boreal Wilderness near
the Alaska Border.
Photo: M. Charlie Thompson